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Daniel Pink, author of Drive and To Sell is Human on “Selling Your Creativity”
Scott Belsky, founder of Behance on “Making Creative Ideas Happen”
Roger Martin, bestselling author on “Thinking like a Designer”
Peter Sims, bestselling author on “How Little Bets Yield Big Creative Wins”
Teresa Amabile, Harvard professor on “Motivating Creativity”
Matthew May, bestselling author on “The Power of Subtraction on Creativity”
Todd Henry, author of The Accidental Creative on “How to Be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice”
Heidi Grant Halvorson, Columbia professor on “The Science of Creative Success”
Scott Barry Kaufman, renowned researcher on “Redefining Creative Intelligence”
Scott Anthony, author of The Little Black Book of Innovation on “From Idea to Innovation”
Bob Sutton, Stanford Professor on “Scaling Up Creativity”
Adam Bryant, New York Times Columnist on “How to Stay Quick and Nimble”
Brian Uzzi, renowned researcher on “How Networks Enhance Creativity”
David Owens, Vanderbilt professor on “How to Keep Creativity from Being Stopped”
Alan Gregerman, creativity consultant on “The Necessity of Strangers”
Gianfranco Zaccai, founder of Continuum on “Finding the Right Creative Opportunities”
Keith Swayer, UNC professor on “The Science Behind the Creative Process”
Jocelyn Glei, director of 99U on “Building a Creative Career”
Bryan Mattimore, author of Idea Stormers on “How to Inspire Creative Breakthrough”
Kyra Maya Phillips and Alexa Clay, authors of The Misfit Economy, on “The Creative Power of Misfits”
Rex Jung, renowned researcher on “The Neuroscience of Creativity”
Saul Kaplan, founder of BIF on “Your Personal Business Innovation Factory”
Max McKeown, author of The Innovation Book on “How to Manage Creative Ideas”
Stephen Shapiro, innovation consultant on “Why Best Practices Might Hinder Creativity”
Soren Kaplan, author of Leapfrogging on “Harness Surprise for Creative Breakthroughs”
Gregg Fraley, author of Jack’s Notebook on “Creative Problem Solving”
David Goldstein, management consultant on “Understanding Your Creative Personality”
Scott McDowell, writer on the business of creativity on “Becoming a Creative Leader”
Art Markman, cognitive scientist on “Building Creative Habits”
Seth Kahan, innovation consultant on "Getting Creativity and Innovation Right”
Lisa Bodell, author of Kill the Company on “Unleash Your Creativity”

The entire collection is over 15 hours of content.